Some of our clients & Partners



"At JOEY Eaton Centre, we work with the best & brightest and Brian is just that. He is passionate about Creative Ideals and it shows in his work. It has been a pleasure partnering up with him the past few years!"
Hayley Winters, Business Development Manager, Events at JOEY Eaton Centre

"Working with Brian and Creative Ideals has been exceptional and wonderful, and I’m looking forward to further business ventures in the coming years"
Ronald Bascom, Founder & Owner, Group Value Media

"Our grand opening was a huge success! Everything on the big day was easy and very exciting. I wasn't worried about anything because Brian was there working with me step by step. I'll definitely have a one year anniversary party with Brian as my host again"
Farchad GadjyevG.M., The GYMThe Markham Gym

"Being a creative Ideals member means you get to be a part of great networking events, get to know inspiring people and win prizes. It is awesome!"
Tatiana Vicol, RHN & Founder The Corporate Nutritionist

"Tonight's networking event was incredible! Definitely going again. Thanks Brian Oliver Francis for the invite and for organizing, and hosting these events. They are a huge service to entrepreneurs"
Anneline Breetzke, Owner & Digital Marketer Big Splash Social

"Me and my partner participated in one of Creative Ideals networking events and I have to say it was amazing! Great people, great atmosphere and best of all, an amazing owner, Brian Oliver Francis!”
Matthew Del Degan, Upper Edge Fitness

"Creative Ideals has played a huge part in my most recent success. I connected with someone at a Creative Ideals event and we have since then combined our networks and formed a business venture which has been a major success. Thank you Creative Ideals for hosting a one of a kind networking event with serious networkers in a great atmosphere filled with like minded people”
John Lysack, The Art of Transition