Event Planning

Creative Ideals will plan, promote and manage expos, trade shows, product launches, business grand openings, business networking events and charity events. The cost is typically $4,000 to $10,000 and the following is a list of tasks and services provided for clients.

1. Meet with client to discuss goals and objectives.
2. Create customized plan to ensure goals and objectives are achieved.
3. Locate and book venue.
4. Hire security.
5. Hire event staff.
6. Hire talent i.e. presenters, speakers, entertainers.
7. Set-up and manage online event registration.
8. Create documents i.e. waivers, questionnaires, game sheets, registration forms, ballot forms, etc.
9. Create sponsor and exhibitor contracts.
10. Contact and meet with businesses to secure sponsorship.
11. Contact and meet with businesses for exhibiting.
12. Rent equipment and supplies.
13. Make arrangements with advertising companies, printing companies, graphic designers, catering.
14. Make arrangements with insurance companies.
15. Promote client’s event at other events, at local businesses and via cold calls.
16. Promote client’s event on Creative Ideals Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter social media.
17. Provide e-Blast advertising to reach 2,400 Creative Ideals subscribers.
18. Provide marketing plan and event logistics advice.
19. Provide on-site and online lead generation.
20. Provide event management.

NOTE: $4,000 rate may include a private event space in the general Toronto area that accommodates 150 attendees, 4 exhibitors, food, 50 inch LED monitor plus sound system with mic, setup\dismantle. Rates will increase for clients that require planning, marketing and management for larger events. Creative Ideals will retain 20% of exhibitor, sponsorship and advertiser payments we acquire for events. 13% hst will be added to final cost.

Event Planning Consultation
This option provides assistance to clients who are planning their own event. It includes a written Event and Marketing Plan plus one, 2 hour, in person meeting to review the entire plan and answer all your questions. Creative Ideals will provide advice and guidance right up until the day of the event to help clients achieve their objectives. The cost is $300 flat rate and additional in person meetings cost $60 each hour. 13% hst will be added to final cost.

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