Creative Ideals members are our clients, individuals who purchase an annual membership that provides a variety of benefits primarily to help their business. Anyone that makes a minimum of $100 purchase for any of our services automatically receives an annual membership. Subscribers are not clients, they are names and email addresses on our email marketing list who receive e-Blast or e-Newsletters from Creative Ideals. These individuals subscribed on their own through our website or automatically became a subscriber upon registering to attend free events. Everyone is welcome to attend our events and besides membership or admission fees the only requirements are that everyone is peaceful, respectful towards each other, adheres to the dress code, and follows rules and regulations. Everyone must also follow venue rules and regulations. Anyone who does not follow our policy may be removed from our events, will not be given a refund, may lose their membership and be banned from all future events. We do not retain credit card details on file and we do not share credit card information with any third party. Members and Subscribers will receive discount offers from our advertisers via e-Blast and anyone who clicks on e-Blast ads are automatically eligible to win prizes. We are neither spammers nor junk mailers and we do not give out contact information to any third party without the Members or Subscribers consent. Everyone can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time and we sincerely thank you for participating.

All registrations must be completed with each individuals full, real name and their own valid email address. Each individual must register for themselves and duplicate registrations of any kind will not be permitted into the event without paying full admission fee. Upon arrival everyone must show their registration or membership in print or on a mobile device with valid identification. By registering for our events you give Creative Ideals authorization to add your name and email address to our email subscriber list. All event plans and details are subject to change.

Business or business casual, or casual for sporting type events.

Creative Ideals is one of few organizations that provide networking events who's main focus is to promote ambitious entrepreneurs and business professionals, and help them get more exposure. We do this primarily through our networking events and we don't do sales pitches during our presentations. We provide information. We do our best to select the right presenters that will educate, inspire and motivate our attendees but we're unable to control everything presenters say, and therefore we can't agree nor disagree with their entire presentation.

Event attendees may be photographed and video recorded. Images are strictly for marketing and promotions purposes for Creative Ideals, it's events and our affiliates via social media and various types of advertising platforms. By registering and entering any event you give Creative Ideals authorization to photograph, video record you and use the images in our marketing materials.


All exhibitor\vendor registrants, also referred to as "Client" agrees to everything this agreement entails and understands that this agreement is final, there are no refunds. The client authorizes Creative Ideals to process payment on the credit card noted in our contracts\online. All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars. Client is fully aware and in agreement that this is a marketing\advertising initiative, and there are no guarantees of any specific number of event attendees, business, sales, revenue or clients that will be generated from this initiative. Should the event be cancelled through force majeure, the final invoice will cover only hours expended up to that point minus those already covered in the deposit. Should additional fees not apply for the final payments (deposits covered and hours expended), no further fees will be due. Credit card processing fees are to be expected. All vendors must follow venue rules and regulations. Venue management and Creative Ideals shall be the final authority in assigning exhibit space. Venue management and Creative Ideals reserves the right to change exhibitor location prior to or during the event for any reason deemed necessary. The client will receive copies of all images, artwork, media and content they pay for. However, all images, artwork, media and content created by Creative Ideals are the property of Creative Ideals, and the client must pay full rights buy out for such property if they wish full ownership, and does not want Creative Ideals to keep any copies. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all images, artwork, media and written content are accurate before they’re made public. The printed and written provisions of this contract contain all the agreements, conditions and representations made by either party or any additions to, alterations of, or changes in this contract must be made in writing and signed by both parties in order to be binding. Creative Ideals is not responsible for attendee, exhibitor\advertisers lost or stolen items. Do not leave your valuables unattended.

Creative Ideals reserves the right to determine if advertisements are suitable and within the moral standards of the individual communities in which it is to be displayed. All advertisers agree to assume liability for all contents including copy, text, display, illustration, labels, trademarks, or other copyrighted information) of printed advertisement, and also assume responsibility for and indemnify Creative Ideals against any claims arising there from made against publisher. Excessive sounds of any kind must not be projected outside of the exhibit booth.

It is agreed that Creative Ideals shall not be held liable for loss or damage on account of delays or loss of service due to circumstances beyond their control such as fires, natural causes, strikes, governmental or municipal laws, rules, regulations or restrictions or acts of Providence, or for inability to secure specified material, or to maintain said displays or any part thereof by reason of any legislation heretofore or hereafter enacted by the Federal Government or any Provincial or Municipal Government, or any rules or regulations made by any department of the Federal, Provincial or Municipal Government, or for other like causes. In the event of any delay in service by reason of the above, the advertiser shall be notified immediately and shall be entitled, at its election, to either an extension of service, additional service, or credit, all on a pro-rata basis. All vendors, exhibitors and attendees enter the venue at their own risk. All vendors, exhibitors and attendees authorize venue and event management to contact them after the event for follow up. Everyone that enters the venue agree that venue and event management its partners, associates, and affiliates will not be held responsible if injuries occur during this event. All vendors, exhibitors and attendees agree that venue, and event management its partners, associates and affiliates will not be subject of any lawsuits.